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German technology and quality

Xi series infrared cameras

The integrated point finder function allows precise temperature measurements on moving objects without having to readjust the sensor. Additionally, there is a measurement point to distance ratio of up to 390: 1. Plus a direct 0 / 4-20 mA analog output

The new compact Optris line: Xi series infrared cameras

Optris introduces its new compact line: infrared cameras that also include the benefits of an infrared thermometer. The optris Xi 80 and Xi 400 are small, robust devices with a diameter of 36 mm and a length of 90 mm (Xi 80) or 100 mm (Xi 400).

Product List - Infrared Cameras (PDF)

German technology and quality

Fever detection: test handling and measurement

This video shows a test setup for fever detection with an optris PI 450i T010 thermal imager and PIX Connect software.

Fever detection systems

Viral epidemics like the current coronavirus (COVID-19) create a global demand for fast and efficient infrared cameras capable of detecting a febrile condition in humans. Our product portfolio comprises two infrared cameras dedicated to this application: Xi 400 with range T010 (-20… 100 ° C) PI 450i with range T010 (-20… 100 ° C)


German technology and quality

New ratio pyrometer optris CT ratio

Compared to single channel pyrometers, ratio pyrometers provide consistent measurement results even with a dirty lens or for objects that move within the measurement area (e.g. metal rods or cables)

The new optris CTratio allows for reliable temperature measurements from 250 °C to 3000 °C.

In metallurgy, a high emission of dust, vapors and similar troublesome elements that adversely affect non-contact temperature measurement can often not be avoided. In order to ensure a reliable measurement of the temperature of melts or metal surfaces even under these adverse conditions, Optris has developed the new optris CTratio ratio pyrometer.


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